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Project part-financed by the EU European Regional Development Fund. Grant Scheme for Enterprises Structural Funds Programme for Malta 2004-2006

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EagleK-Wear showcase at 'The Hotel Show' Dubai

EagleK-wear launched its latest chef wear collection at ??e Hotel Show?? held at the World Trade Centre in Dubai U.A.E. in May 2011.



For the second time running Eagle K-wear take active role in the Work Wear & Corporate Show in Coventry earlier this month.


'Housekeeping', Beauty & Spa, Bar & Restaurant Catalogue

The 'Housekeeping', 'Beauty & Spa' and 'Bar & Restaurant' Catalogue launched for the 'The Work wear Show UK' and 'The Hotel Show Dubai' earlier this year can now be viewed on our website!


Eagle K-wear Corporate Video

Eagle K-wear has recently launched its Corporate video. This is part of the rebranding process the Management and staff are undergoing.


Globalisation, Consumerism or Quality? What is driving today's market?

Alex Aquilina, Eagle K-wear's New Chairman is invited by the Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry to give his views and company's experience during its annual conference organised on World Quality Day on 11th November 2010


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