Eagle K-wear started its origins as a clothes-manufacturing firm in 1958 and since then has built its reputation in the clothing-manufacturing sector in Malta producing and manufacturing a variety of knitted garments. Formerly known as Eagle Knitwear Company Limited, the company was set up by the Aquilina brothers, Frank, the late Charles and the late Emmanuel, in partnership with Mr. Humphries with 12 employees. Within 9 years staff increased to 165. In 1967 operations moved into centrally located and larger offices and factory premises, where it still operates.

Frank Aquilina’s son and present Chairman of the Company, Alex Aquilina, transformed the company into a work wear clothing industry leader producing a large variety of quality garments and knitwear for domestic requirements. Today, Eagle K-wear is synonymous as the leading brand in custom-made uniform and work wear clothing, and continues to diversify and enhance its portfolio of products and services to ensure an efficient and reliable ‘one-stop’ shop for be-spoke clothing designs to its clients. Our position and strength enables the company to provide additional value to our clients and opportunities for our employees.

The strong combination of over fifty two years of expertise in the textile and clothing industry, packaged with additional personalised services are a key component of the company’s ability to provide additional value to clients. 

Besides providing a wide variety of products and services, ranging from school uniforms to sportswear, medical wear, work wear , corporate clothing, from sublimation printed shirts to soccer shirts, as well as football shirts and sports kits, our company fully integrates its production warehouses and manufacturing workshops within the organisation to work in synergy, providing an efficient “just-in-time” fabrication systems, together with a fully dedicated supply chain integration.

Today our Company serves banks, hotels, health and beauty spa’s, government departments, schools, hospitals, sport bodies, corporate firms and private organisations.

Eagle K-wear understands the cultural function and value system of the Arab market, having had knowledge of the influence of cultural factors in past projects. Therefore, our company is capable to respond appropriately to the cultural demands and needs of the specific North African and Arab Gulf market, understanding both the nuances of Arabic language, as well as the silent language, hence providing our customers with a win-win situation.

Etched into our company directives are the philosophies to achieve excellence in customer service and to build customer relationships on trust, commitment, dedication and value. In an effort to meet these goals, Eagle K-wear utilizes the most up-to-date management systems available in the industry and has surrounded itself with a solid team of highly skilled and qualified professionals who understand and deliver projects with a goal in mind of exceeding our client’s expectations.

Eagle K-wear’s corporate philosophy places the customer at the centre of the business by offering quality workmanship at affordable costs and being timely.  Small and large jobs get the same value attention, with the focus being to deliver on time and on budget.

At Eagle K-wear the customer is at heart in everything we do.

 "Our objective is to build ‘Profitable Customer Satisfaction’ into the very fabric of the firm".